Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zip-itty do dah....

When I think of Spring, quite a few things come to mind. Green grass, red robins, new life and warm breezes. There is also a very special person who comes to mind. Her name was Zip.

Zip was the Grandmother of my husband's cousins. She was one of the most colorful personalities I have met in all my life. Warm, caring and witty....oh she was so witty! She was so knowledgeable of the world around her. She knew the names of birds and plants. She was a lover of animals and of the outdoors. She was a pretty amazing woman. I once watched her pick up a chicken, tuck it's head under it's wing and sway it to sleep in her arms! On many occasions you could find her on her daughter's porch conversing with the tree frogs. And you know what? They answered back! Heard it with my own ears!

I think of her often, like when my husband gathers seeds from places we visit (something she was not shy about doing!)....he will tuck a few seeds into his pocket and whisper "Zip would be so proud!" Every once in a while, I will come across the blankets she made when my son was born and I will tell him the story about the lady who talked to the frogs. But it is this season when I think of her most.
I consider myself very lucky to have known her, now she is a sunny spot in God's heavenly garden....which I'm sure she is happily weeding at this very minute!
Happy Spring, Zip!

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