Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday's Talent

For the first time on Tuesday's Talent we have an art sculpture! Miss M. has made a wonderful alien. Her name is Alion (A leon) Here is Alion and her description straight from Miss. M! Slimey wants to know if she drives that mother ship aliens are always talking about?!

Our second display of talent comes from my son. This is Everything Man.
Everything Man is not in the Super League of Weirdos. He would like to be, but he keeps getting turned down because he is not weird enough! Everything Man can do everything! You name it, he can do it! He can even turn into a big glob of goo if he has to! Hmm that sounds pretty weird to me!

Thank you for looking at Tuesday's Talent, and Thank You Miss M for taking it to the next level! My son is out in my kitchen right now looking for things to make his own sculpture!