Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's the little things

I have often heard it said that motherhood is a thank-less job. For a while I thought that was so true. Then I took a breath, stood back and looked at the big picture.
My thank you is not a gift once a year at Mother's Day. Although I love the little gifts my son makes for me at school and the homemade cards, I love the big thank yous I get on a daily basis.

The smile on his face when I make his favorite meal, the way his eyes light up when I say "Yes, you may have another cookie", the way he put a loving arm around me when he went to the altar at church with me and watched me get baptized and confirmed into the Catholic faith and the way he clings for just an extra moment when we hug.

Motherhood is not a thank-less job. There are many, many thanks. Sometimes, a busy mother must open her tired eyes a little more to see them.

This Mother's Day, I hope all you mothers get the chance to relax, rest and reflect on what makes you a great mother!

Happy Mother's Day!

Now get off the Internet and go call your Momma!

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  1. That is such a precious picture of you and your son! I liked what you said about the big thank yous you get sweet!