Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday's Talent

I am going to start something called Tuesday's Talent. Here I will showcase my darling son's art work. I will continue this as long as he provides me with material! So here we go the debut of Tuesday's Talent...

(In my son's own words) "This is Creature Man. He can chew and break through anything. He is very hairy. He has a sidekick. His name is Cockroach. Cockroach can shrink to any size and fit into anything. He can even shrink smaller than a germ. Cockroach has a little flying saucer thing that can also shrink. They are both in the Super League of Weirdos."

A little about the artist: Seven year old "Slimey" has been drawing for as long as I can remember. He swears I taught him to draw, but I beg to differ. I can barely put together the elements to make a decent stick figure. He always wanted me to draw stuff for him when he was little. I told him to try to draw it himself. I told him to look and see what shapes he saw and go from there. Who knew it would develop into such great talent! Slimey's other interests include reading Magic Tree House Books, playing outside and his newest venture, baseball.


  1. He's really good! I loved the "super league of weirdos" comment...too funny!


  2. He's awesome! Can I have his autograph? He's gonna be famous one day.

  3. I love his description of whats going on and the shrinking to microscopic levels. It's only something a kid could make up!

    Tomorrow I am featuring you as Apron Goddess dujour! So I hope you enjoy. :)

  4. what a bright creative kid you have there... and as for who taught him to draw- i beg to differ with *you!* you may not have shown him by example but by advising him to look for specific shapes, use those as a starting point, and draw for himself, you were teaching him to draw! in the best way possible☺

    oh, and i love the apron you were wearing on the photo at the apron goddess... it looks like it is gathered tiers? is that right? you look lovely in it.

  5. That's so cute! I have an eight year old who would get along very well with your 7 year old! Mine loves to draw too and is always on about some crazy scheme for his drawings. He even has his own comic book hero called Meep.

    I enjoy reading your blog!