Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday's Talent

Today's Tuesday's Talent brings us another member of the Super League of Weirdos. This is a wrestler named Cheese Burgur.

As you can see, Cheese Burgur has a marvelous mustache, a beard and a uni brow. According to my son, Cheese Burgur got his uni brow when he was five years old. It is super sensitive and lets him know when people are in danger. He got his bulging muscles from making rude noises with his armpits...you know the ones...every seven year old boy knows how to make them. And that's just how old this Weirdo is...seven. He got his name because someone else took the name Hot Dog. That's all there is.


  1. I love his imagination! Keep 'em coming! His audience looks forward to them.


  2. This is awesome! I was never able to make those noises in my armpits, what talent! lol

  3. He is very creative! Very good!
    Blessings! Sharon